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Welcome to Pounce

Pounce is an open resource of information aiming to help analysts, investors, and other organizations focussing on publicly traded companies and stocks.

What Pounce is and how it relates to Companies, Stocks, Investors and the Community:

If you are familiar with social networking, think of Pounce as a 'social network' of information and ideas geared towards analysts, investors, and those with a curious mind for investing. Pounce at the moment is simply an idea, a vision, full of interest and curiosity, a desire to collect as much information from many public resources and put into a single space. Pounce is very young, and I believe this idea of collective information and social networking can be taken into a completely new direction, to mature this idea into reality Pounce hopes to gather all of the information that is important and most importantly, relative.

  • Relational Resources - News, User Discussions, Financial Data
  • Relational Maps, Photos, Videos, and other Multimedia resources
  • Relational information on Businesses, Partners, and Competition
  • Relational Business Models and Industries

Please visit Pounce often as information will be update frequently.

Please stay tuned, Pounce will be open for anyone to join and contribute. If you would like to contribute while I get the ball rolling, please feel free to contact me. Until then I hope to provide a unique service that not only benefits you with my due diligence but also provides as much information as possible about the various aspects in the companies I am interested in investing.

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